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Here is a collection of related or useful links:
  • Source forge gema page
  • Gema-discussion mailing list
    You can subscribe to the mailing list to discuss gema related arguments and being up to date with latest developments.
    You can also access the archives of with old posts.
  • If you think the mailing list is not the appropriate place for your message, you can send a private email:
         David N. Gray
         David Mundie
  • GeL: a Lua binding for Gema
    In this separate page you will find all the documentation related to gel.
    For any GeL-related issue you can contact the author at:
         Remo Dentato
  • Gema gems
    David Mundie's interesting site with examples, exercises and an explanatory article on Gema.
  • Gema Pad
    An useful utility for dealing with gema files.
  • Lua
    A very small, efficient and powerful embeddable language.
  • Open Source Initiative
    The OSI promotes the use and the diffusion of Open Source software.
  • Mingw
    The Minimalist GNU For Windows greatly ease the task of porting Unix programs to Win32 platforms.